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Discover how Candid Creative turns ideas into impactful realities through our Case Studies

Kidswear collective

This case study showcases Candid Creative’s comprehensive approach in enhancing Kidswear Collective’s brand presence, both online and in physical retail. Partnering with Kidswear Collective, a retailer of designer children’s clothing, Candid Creative applied advanced printing technology to create impactful visuals for a pop-up shop.

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Mike Francis art

This case study delves into Candid Creative’s collaboration with the family of the late artist Mike Francis, focusing on creating a business to sell high-quality art prints. It explores the challenges of developing a suitable business model, integrating e-commerce solutions, and utilizing advanced printing technology to ensure the legacy of Mike Francis’s art lives on.

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Gaughan group

This blog presents a detailed case study on Candid Creative’s successful rebranding project for Leyton Orient Football Club, highlighting their journey in transforming the Breyer Group Stadium into the Gaughan Group Stadium. It covers the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the outstanding results achieved, complemented by a glowing testimonial from Leyton Orient’s Marketing Manager.

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Creator maker

This blog presents a case study on Candid Creative’s involvement in a charitable initiative with Creator Maker, focusing on their contribution to a successful fundraising event for Cancer Research UK. It highlights the project’s objectives, the collaboration with Suz of Creator Maker, the impactful results, including the significant funds raised, and briefly touches on Candid Creative’s role in the printing process that supported this noble cause.

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