Case study

Kidswear collective

Kidswear Collective's Transformation with Candid

In a dynamic collaboration, Candid Creative & Candid Digital joined forces with Kidswear Collective, an innovative retailer of pre-loved and past-season designer children’s clothing, to enhance their digital and physical retail presence.

The project’s dual focus aimed to amplify the brand’s online visibility while also launching a temporary pop-up shop, necessitating distinctive print work to create an immersive and engaging environment that would attract customers and complement the digital enhancements.

The Challenge

The Kidswear Collective project posed distinct challenges: digitally, the task was to boost search engine rankings and optimise the website for enhanced user engagement.

In the physical realm, the challenge lay in delivering high-quality print materials for the pop-up shop, ensuring the temporary space effectively represented the brand.

Seamless Integration

The Results

The collaboration yielded remarkable results, tripling Kidswear Collective’s online sales within five months. The synergy between Candid Creative’s physical branding solutions and Candid Digital’s online enhancements provided a holistic approach to brand growth, demonstrating the power of integrated creative and digital strategies.

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