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Creator maker

Candid Creative and Creator Maker: Artful Aid for Cancer Research

For a charity event aimed at supporting Cancer Research UK, Creator Maker collaborated with distinguished graphic designer Anthony Burrill to design exclusive prints, with Candid Creative handling the expert printing.

This initiative, under the slogan “IT’S FUN, THAT’S WHY,” was a creative endeavor to raise significant funds, dedicating 90% of the proceeds to cancer research, reflecting a powerful fusion of art and philanthropy.

"it's fun, that's why!"

An encouraging reminder that you don’t always need a reason to do something that will ultimately bring you joy, but if you do, it can simply be – ‘IT’S FUN, THAT’S WHY!’.

uniting for a cause

The Results

The “IT’S FUN, THAT’S WHY!” project spearheaded by Suz and Creator Maker achieved remarkable success, raising over £5,000 for Cancer Research UK. This significant contribution underscores the collective effort and generosity of the community.

Candid Creative is proud to have played a part in this initiative, with our printing expertise helping to bring the vision to life and facilitate this outstanding fundraising achievement.

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