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Mike francis art

Honoring Legacy Through Art: The Mike Francis Art Project

Candid Creative’s collaboration with the family of the late Mike Francis, a distinguished artist renowned for his victory in the 1974 National Portrait Gallery’s 150th Anniversary Poster Competition, displays our dedication to innovative and meaningful projects.

Following Mike’s passing, his family aimed to commemorate his life and share his art with enthusiasts worldwide, leading to a partnership with Candid to create a unique platform that celebrates his legacy and artistry.

The Challenge

The project posed a complex challenge, involving the creation of a business model that would appeal to art collectors and the integration of a marketing strategy that respected Mike Francis’s legacy while effectively engaging potential buyers.

The task demanded a deep understanding of the art market and the development of a marketing that could navigate the nuances of promoting posthumous artwork, all while ensuring the website and purchasing process reflected the high quality and significance of Mike Francis’s art.

Flawless execution

The Results

Candid Creative’s end-to-end service, from website development to the execution of the marketing strategy, has not only elevated Mike Francis’s online presence but also facilitated a seamless purchasing process for collectors. Each sale culminates in the meticulous production and delivery of a high-fidelity print, ensuring the essence of Mike’s art is preserved and cherished by its new owners.

Candid Creative is proud to have played a part in this initiative, with our printing expertise helping to bring the vision to life and facilitate this outstanding artwork.

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